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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Culture without Mirrors

How much longer until mirrors are outlawed in our culture today? I can't claim to have met everybody, but it sure seems that a lot of the people of my generation has some sort of self image issue: whether it's feeling unwanted, not pretty enough, shame for they are, ad nauseam. The scary thing is that the generation below me, so often referred to even in non-evangelical circles as the "Lost Generation", has these sort of issues almost to a man. For a variety of reasons, people today hate to look in mirrors because they hate what they see. It is a sad indictment on our society that the standards we have created for beauty (in men and women equally) and the low worth we place on human life has brought us to this place where people can't even stand the sight of themselves.

In Genesis 1:26-31 and Genesis 2:21-25, God forms man and woman in His own image, and God declares that "It was good".  God made us in His own image, with His own two hands. Man and Woman are special: They are the only things in Creation that God made with His hands. Woman was so beautiful that Man wrote the first song at the sight of her (Genesis 2:23). We were created as creatures of beauty and worth in the Lord's sight, even as we disobeyed Him (Genesis 3). But our culture has abandoned the hope and peace found in God's individual creation of us, finding beauty in how God has made us and worth in how God seeks us, our culture has set up false idols of objective beauty and abandoned all worth in human life at all. As a Church, we desperately have to combat the culture's influence in our own lives and in the lives of lost people we know. They are desperate to feel worth something, and to love themselves for who God made them by showing the Love of Christ.

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