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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Self Examination Sunday

I am as big a sports fan as any. In fact, far too often, I am too much of a fan. When I completely lose my cool because my team lost (or even in a good way because the team I "hate" loses), how set apart from the culture am I really? Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with having a team you love, and for cheering for them. Few things in life can get the blood flowing and work up the emotions than a game can. Especially football. But I think far too many of us have some serious issues with where football is on our priority list. We spend money every year for new gear, and to go to games and how much are we giving to the Church? To missions? We spend time dissecting recruiting and draft stock and we don't spend any time in prayer. We jump and scream until we can't speak at a game that's on the TELEVISION and we won't sing or raise our hands in worship. Today, on the day of the biggest game in football, perhaps its time that we do some self examination. Perhaps its time to start putting football in its proper place in our lives. Look at your pocketbook, your calendar, your daily life, and see if maybe football has taken too much a priority in your life. God made football, and boy is it good. But we can't let it take away from the supremacy of Christ in our lives.

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