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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Breathing Out Stars

Have you looked at the stars at night lately? It's an amazing thing. There are a seemingly endless number of them, and they are bright and beautiful. It's simply stunning. And think about its this way: God breathed them all into existence, and knows them each by name. It really just expands your mind, and gives you a glimpse of the greatness of our creator. There is a song by Flying Backwards (great band and some great friends to me you should check them out) called Star Breathing Giant, and the song is about how mighty and strong our Savior is and the work He does in saving us. It just got me to thinking about this imagery of God breathing out the stars, and taking the time to name them one by one. It's simply gorgeous, and makes me stand in awe of God and His wondrous creation. So just think of that tonight when you look up and see the stars.

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