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Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's Missing in our Hymnals?

I read an interesting blog post from Todd Agnew today. It was about what we are missing in today's collection of worship music. He basically made three basic points:

-There were not any songs about commitment anymore.
-There were not any songs about communion anymore.
-And there were no worship songs for Christmas time anymore.

I thought all of these were some interesting observations from one of the leading worship leaders of our day. All of these I think stem from the same root problem: sin and worldliness in the church. This is especially the case for Christmas music. Even in the church, Christmas has become more about the commercialized version of "christmas" than the birth of our Savior. Most of our songs are about Christmas and not about Christ. As for the other two: there is simply not as much emphasis on commitment or communion anymore. Most pastors and worship leaders shy away from commitment, because to do so would wittle away all the "social christians" who simply come to church because they are seeking a way to be socially acceptable (especially here in the bible belt). As for communion, it has lost a lot of its signifigance, and either ha become something even the lost visitors can participate in, or is something done only at Easter.

However, these are all issues that need to be addressed. Our new crop of worship leaders need to hit their notebooks and music sheets and write the anthems of the future. We need to re-emphasize our commitment and communion with Christ our Savior. Provide the appropriate music to worship to on occasions of commitment and during the communion meal. We need to refocus our Christmas on the birth and celebration of our King, and praise Him in a way that celebrates the true meaning and focus of Christmas.

Opinions and discussion on this would be great!

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