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Saturday, April 12, 2014

PAX East Journal of a Gamer Missionary: Day One

PAX East Journal of a Gamer Missionary: Day 1
Day one of PAX East started early for media access at 9 o’clock. By 10 o’clock when the doors were opened for general admission the place started to pack out. Day 1 was surprisingly heavy in traffic, and us at the GameChurch booth managed to hand out over half of our 3600 gamer bibles in one day! It was awesome to get to talk to people and tell them that Jesus loves them. A couple of observations or notes of interest:

1. It was awesome seeing so many people who were pleasantly surprised not only that Christians were in PAX, but that we weren’t there to judge or criticize. We were just there to tell them about the love of Jesus.

2. I heard my fair share of snide remarks and sniggers. I saw my fair share of skeptical or even scathing looks. What kept them from bothering me was the ever diminishing supply of bibles, and the chance to speak with person after person.

3. Gamer culture NEEDS the Gospel. Between the self absorption, immodest to downright indecent dress code, and what I heard and observed: Gamers are lost. They’re not any more lost than anyone else. But this culture needs Christians who are willing to engage it.

4. A man approached me and spoke to me awhile about his attempts to share the Gospel on his Twitch account along with his gameplay. He was feeling down because of people telling him to stop. It was great to hear of his efforts, and humbling to be able to encourage him to fight on.

What hopefully will be a restful night leads to an eventful day tomorrow: what promises to be the busiest day of the con.

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