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Monday, April 7, 2014

Preparations for PAX East: A Gamer Missionary's Journal

As I prepare to go to PAX East this weekend with Gamechurch, I've thought of a couple of different things.

1. Focus- I'm continuously praying both for me and the other team members that we retain our focus on why we are there: to share the Gospel. I've never been to a gamer convention, but I can only assume that it's full of distractions for people who love games. If we wanted to take in all the sites, we should have come on a vacation. We are going with a holy purpose of proclaiming God's word. This doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves, but it does mean we have to keep our priorities in line.

2. Rejection- I'm praying for myself that I don't fear rejection, or let rejection stop me. I'm going to face rejection. That is a fact. So I am praying that I handle it with God's mercy and grace, and that I don't let it phase me from continuing to share the Gospel.

3. Ready Soil- Finally I'm praying for the hearts the people that I and the other missionaries come into contact with. I'm praying that God is working in their hearts even now to be open and receptive to the Gospel. I'm praying that the seeds we sow will lead them to giving their life completely to Christ.

I'm going to be keeping a "journal" on the blog here as I prepare and as I go to Boston. More updates to come!

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